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It is time to shine the spotlight on rural women, by Susana Balbo

edited June 2019 in General
Rural women account for 43% of food production worldwide. Were they to enjoy the same access to productive resources as their male peers, yields would be 20-30 percent higher, reducing hunger by 12-17 percent. Although these figures clearly demonstrate the importance of women’s participation in rural development, women still lack access to the same amount of resources as men. Women also have an additional workload that includes domestic and reproductive responsibilities, as well as a variety of chores related to water and energy supply for the home, and small and medium-scale production. The aforementioned efforts, as well as women’s contribution to the social and production capital of rural territories, should receive greater recognition and support.
  • In what types of activities do rural women in your country participate?
  • How can we foster women’s participation in production activities, decision-making processes, and rural development in general?
  • What role do government institutions, private companies and civil society organizations play in fostering inclusive and equitable rural development?
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